Summer is here. This season means enjoying the sun and the outdoors. While many people are busy preparing for their summer bikini-body to hit the beach and enjoy the warmth brought by the hot weather, there are also a few who are busy preparing their perfect summer wedding.

If you are a summer bride, your wedding would never be complete without hitting the beach. There are plenty of summer wedding ideas that can make any summer wedding perfect.

Here are some wedding ideas that will make your wedding the unforgettable summer you will ever have.

Choose The Theme

There are tons of beach wedding themes you can choose from. You can opt to incorporate traditional wedding elements in your chosen theme or you can have a more modern approach. One of the most common themes chosen by many couple is a tropical theme. Tropical theme is perfect for couples who enjoy bright and striking colors and it is easy to create. On the other hand, you can also choose a nautical theme with shades of blue, white and sandy colored accessories and details of anchor and rope motifs.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have taken advantage of your seaside theme. Don’t forget to incorporate seashells, starfish and candles as your favors and centerpieces.


Highlight The Dress


Right from the day of your engagement until now, you are probably picturing yourself in a wedding dress. But before you start in choosing the perfect dress to wear you need to have some bit of knowledge about the dresses “lingo”. You also should do some research on the dress that best suits you’re theme. Picture yourself in your wedding day, what do you think will make your dress appropriate for the occasion.

Particularly is a beach wedding dress, you don’t need to have too much sheer on it. It is better if you choose light fabrics. The key in choosing a wedding dress for a beach themed wedding is to choose the light and casual but at the same time exudes elegance.


The Perfect Wedding Car


Another thing you should put extra attention to in planning for your summer wedding is your wedding car. Just like in choosing a dress, you need to do some research and look for car that is a perfect complement for your summer wedding. The most common choice of cars for this kind of wedding is the traditional types like the 1958 Bentley Rolls Royce or the 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Wrath. Whatever you choose make sure that it can add more glamour and style in your summer beach wedding.

For an unforgettable summer wedding, it is not all about how to dress up so fancy and elegant. It is about how you celebrate this big day in your life in the sand and waves. There is something in a beach weeding that brings a unique breeze of romance in the air. Do not be overwhelmed by the planning which will just gave you a headache. The perfect beach wedding is all about being comfortable with yourself while you are exchanging vows with your special someone.


Stop and breathe and prepare yourself for a salty breeze. Make this tips mentioned above as inspiration in planning for your beach side big day.