You’ve been working hard lately but with all your efforts and hard work to shed some extra pounds and tone muscles, the number on the scale seems to be disappointing.What seems to be the problem?

Fitness and workout mistakes happen to everyone and sometimes it can be frustrating. However, you should not be discouraged to exercise or workout. It is a necessity to get your body moving to achieve a healthy life. And although,there are seems to be a lot of frustrations, don’t let this stop you in having an active lifestyle, instead find a way to make your fitness routine work.

Here are some of the common fitness blunders that hinders you to achieve your fitness goals,

Lack Of Time

When it comes to exercise excuses , lack of time is on the top of the list. But you do have time to watch your favorite television series or your favorite sports team game. There is no valid excuse not to exercise and even if you are so busy with your work, you have to find time to work out.

Exercise is not an option. It is as important as your other healthy habits. Instead of wasting your time in going out and party with your friends, why don’t you use that time to work out? If you don’t like doing it alone, try inviting your friends. Group training is more fun than doing it alone.


Skipping Breakfast


Time and time again, we are reminded that skipping breakfast is not good but so many people are still doing this bad habit thinking that it will help with their fitness goals. If you are one of these people…wake up! Skipping breakfast does not bring you any good. Breakfast is important to fuel up your day so it is essential that you eat your breakfast as soon as possible. A healthy breakfast may include protein, carbs and lots of fluids.

Furthermore,skipping breakfast or any missed meal can slow down your metabolism which can hinder you in reaching your goals.


Expect Instant Results


This is a common exercise mistakes people make most. Being impatient is common for people who workout and because of this they get disappointed when they don’t get the results that they want. However, you have to understand that fitness goals is not achieve over night or just a couple day. It can take up weeks or even months to see significant results. The results will also vary depending on how intense your workout is.

Same Boring Routines


You’ve been doing the same workout routine and you’ve already mastered it but does it still give you results you wanted? If not, then maybe it is time for you to change your workout routine. You have to change your workout routine when you notice these common signs.

· Your workout routine is not challenging anymore.

· You don’t get significant results.

· Your routine is boring.

Improper Execution


No matter how hard you exercise or workout if your routine is not suited to your body abilities or needs, you can never be satisfied with the results. In working out, you should follow proper execution of your routine. When you missed to follow correct execution, not only it will not give you results you wanted but it can also cause you injuries.

Achieving your fitness goals is a challenge. It may be difficult at first but if you are aware of what you should avoid when you do your workout and you follow your personal training program, it will be less difficult for you to achieve your objectives. So good luck and keep working out to achieve your fitness goals.