If there is something to blame for the unrealistic expectation of people about romance beside books, it’s movies. From giggly romantic comedies to sultry, forbidden love affairs, somehow we have all been influenced by movies in our idea about love and romance.

Here is our list of the steamiest and most romantic dates in movies.

The Notebook


Probably,this is one of the most tear-jerking stories made by Nicholas Sparks. If you want to have a hot summer date, be inspired by the story of Noah (Ryan Gosling), a local boy who fell in love with Allie (Rachel McAdams), a young heiress. In summer of 1940s, the two coast out of a canoe, get caught in the rain and made the most epic onscreen kiss ever.

10 Things I Hate About You


Would you not fall for a hot guy like Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) when he sings you a romantic and timeless song to confess his love? Patrick Verona, the then bad boy serenades Kat (Julia Stiles) with a song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”

Patrick is one romantic guy. He also takes Kat in a date. Mind you, it is not just a date… it is a paintball date. And for a girl who never knows the definition of fun, Kat gets loose and enjoy her life for the first time in such a long time.


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


A date with your special someone’s family will probably be the best bonding date ever. Ben (Matthew McConaughey) takes Andie (Kate Hudson) to his family. In a card game, Ben’s family helped Andie to win and end Ben’s winning streak. It is perhaps the first time they have together since majority of the scenes show how they are trying to lose each other.

A Walk to Remember


This is another tear-jerker written by Nicholas Sparks. Landon, the popular guy fell in love with Jamie, an outcast, religious girl who has leukemia. When Landon found out about Jamie’s leukemia, he takes Jamie to a date where she can complete everything on her bucket list. That includes getting a tattoo, be in two place sat one time and getting married.

The Wedding Planner


The wedding planner is literally a romantic movie date magic, Steve (Matthew McConaughey) saves Mary (Jennifer Lopez) from a dumpster hurtling towards her. When her assistant Penny arrive at the hospital, she immediately was stunned by the handsome appearance of Steve and decided to set up the two. Penny invited the two to watch a black and white romance and later left the two to have some time together. They have a lovely conversation and then Steve ask Mary to dance. Just when they are about to kiss, it began to rain which makes the scene even more romantic.

Romantic films sure have provided us date ideas to make someone special. Combined dinner dates, a drink of the most popular wines and movies, followed by something unique and special, for sure you will have a memorable date that is far more memorable than movies have.

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