It should be no surprise that you want to toss away your winter jackets and start trying out outdoor and sports outfits. These spring and summer seasons are the time to go outdoors but this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your workout sessions. You could actually go out and incorporate some adventures and outdoor sports in your exercise routine.

There are actually a lot of outdoor activities that can help you get the most of your work out and burn calories.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a sport that can make you lose that excess pounds and tone up your legs, shoulders and core. This is sport that is effective in burning calories, primarily because it is harder to move in the sand. Players tend to run faster and farther than indoor volleyball because this sport consist of only two players, thus, players exercise more intensely. Playing beach volleyball for an hour actually can make you lose 596 calories if you are about 155 lb and 710 calories if you are about 185 lb.



Tennis is a no brainer calorie –burning outdoor activity you can enjoy this spring and summer. It is also a great cardio workout. Tennis is a sport that requires you to have strong stamina and endurance simply because of the match’s length. For a 155 lb. person playing tennis in an hour, he or she can actually lose 520 calories and 622 calories for a 185 lb person. Also, the movements you do in tennis can actually tighten your muscles in the arms, back, legs and core.



This might seem a light work to do but gardening can help you burn calories and speed up weight loss. Activities involved in gardening like kneeling, weeding, watering, standing and stooping can burn a lot of calories… more or less 300 calories an hour. The repetitive activities involve in gardening can help you lose those excess pounds while enjoying your yard work.



Playing soccer can make you lose about 600 calories an hour. Soccer is a game that requires constant effort and increasing levels of intensity. Soccer is both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, thus, this is considered as one of the outdoor activities to try to burn calories. Through slow-twitch and fast-twitch, soccer helps in building muscle mass and burns more fats. Soccer is a game that promotes muscle mass build up and increase metabolism.



Moderate pace kayaking can help you burn about 500 calories an hour and gradually increasing the pace will help you lose at least 850 calories. Enjoying the outdoors through propelling in an open-water and enjoying the nature breeze in your face doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice you workout. Kayaking is another activity that can help you do both.



Swimming is one of the sought-after activities during warm seasons that promotes calorie-burning. Swimming help you lose weight by burning calories and it can also tone you up and slim you down. Swimming is considered to be one of the best cardio workouts simply because it let the whole body work. This activity is also good for the heart and lungs.

If you want to get your beach body ready, the basic rule of thumb is to lose calories to get rid of excess fats. These outdoor activities are effective calorie-burning activities that can help you achieve a beach body and enjoy the warm seasons for outdoors.