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Congrats! You have decided to start setting your weight loss goals. But before you start your journey towards fitness you have to be aware that it is not all straight line. Somewhere in your journey for fitness, you have to expect that there will be zigzags and roadblocks.


Achieving your fitness goals is really not as easy as 1, 2, 3 but the roadblocks and challenges should not keep you from moving forward in your quest to be fit. Sure, there will be weight loss barriers but barriers are not invincible. By knowing how to face these weight loss barriers you will be able to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are some of the simple ways on how you can face and surpass challenges and roadblocks in reaching your fitness goals.


Learn Self-Motivation

When we are trying to achieve something, especially in fitness, we may feel like something heavy is pulling us down and this something is keeping us from moving forward. But what if what we feel is just an excuse… that maybe we just lack self-motivation?


Not all the time that we can rely to other people for motivation, there are times that the motivation must come from within ourselves. Most of the time, in the middle of our routine, we may be tempted to stop but it is not because the journey is getting harder that we cannot surpass it anymore. It is because we lack motivation to keep pushing more. No matter how much other people motivate you if you do not motivate yourself, you will never have enough drive to keep on doing thing to reach your fitness goals.

Reach Out To Others

Our social support system is as important our self-motivation. If you feel that you are about to give up and when you are beginning to lose sight of your goal, your social support system is your back up. Social support system can include our family, friends and love ones. They will be the one to remind and guide us of our goal. They can provide us with strength to get back on track to achieve fitness goals.


Savor Success

Celebrate achievements no matter how small they are. It is not bad to have some time to take a break and relive small success. We learn to thank and applaud ourselves every time we achieve something. When we learn to appreciate ourselves for a job well done, we develop a positive attitude that builds confidence, resilience and competence. These are important factors that aid us in breaking barriers and to continue pursuing our fitness goals.


Get Creative

If going to the gym bores you, you don’t have to push yourself to have a regular gym routine. There are several creative ways to pursue fitness. If you love the outdoors, you can focus doing an outdoor fitness routines. You can also rent or buy an exercise DVD to have some quality fitness time at home. Exercise is not a boring activity as long as you know what kind of routines can keep your interest high.


Challenge The Challenges

One of the reasons why people fail to reach their fitness goals is because they did not anticipate that challenges that are coming. As you start your pursuit for fitness, you have to face the brutal fact that challenges are just along the way and you have to be prepared. Confront challenges with an open mind, learn to accept constructive criticisms and take them as opportunities for you to do better.


Fitness challenges will always be there, that’s a fact. But what is keeping you from achieving your goals? These are just challenges and challenges are made to be surpassed. You are not the only person who experience hurdles while trying to get fit, everyone who started the fitness journey are confronted with different kinds of obstacles and the ones who become successful in reaching their fitness goals are those people who learned how to overcome barriers. You could be one of them if you start your journey NOW!

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