Have you ever imagine yourself having that celebrity “bod”? Admit it or not, most of us have dreamed of having a celebrity body. You probably have thought that just because celebrities have the fame and power, they can get that almost-perfect body just like that. But you are most probably wrong. Your favorite celebrities didn’t just get their body that fast. They worked hard for it. Just like us,they have to work really hard just to maintain a healthy and fit body.

Let’s take a look of these celebrity fitness secrets that help them maintain a gorgeous body.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis fitness routine is much talked about. This 31-year old mom is known for its very extreme Black Swan fitness routine and diet to get her into her professional dancer shape. This famous routine led her to lose 20 pounds but it wasn’t without sacrifice. She was constantly exercising and dancing. That’s seven days a week and five hours a day. Now that she has a baby, she is balancing her life between her fiance, Ashton Kutcher, her baby and herself. She never forgets to have a time to relax, exercise and eat right.

Miranda Kerr


Miranda is famous for walking on a Victoria’s Secret catwalk and it is no surprise that she has slim and toned body. It is required for her job. With hard work and intense overall body work out, Miranda was able to achieve that stunning physique. All praises to her fitness routine and diet. Her fitness routine includes planks, jumping jacks, squats and push ups. She also has one of a kind diet plan which she called blood-type eating plan. Her eating diet depends on her blood type. To coincide with this diet plan, Miranda also does yoga once a day.

Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel is very strict when it comes to her fitness routine. When it comes in maintaining her gorgeous physique, she loves to do it outdoors where there is minimal equipment. Whether it is an outdoor run or walking her dog, Jessica make sure that her outdoor activities can help her stay fit. She is also fond of doing circuit training and to find balance she makes sure she does yoga for at least twice a week.

Jennifer Lopez


One of the most genuine personalities in Hollywood, J. Lo is known as a singer,dancer, writer, host, actress, philanthropist and many more. J. Lo never failed to amaze the crowd with her energetic personality, rich talents and toned midsection. Well, she revealed that her biggest motivation to keep her body fit is deadline. The intensity of her workout depends on her deadline. She does cardio-training and follows a high-protein and fluid diet. She also believes that consistency and regular exercise is the key in looking young and to have an amazing body.


Amanda Seyfried


While many actresses follow a strict diet, Amanda confesses that she eats whatever she wants. But how does she maintain a healthy physique? She prefers to workout 45 minutes daily and her exercise includes pilates, cardio exercises and yoga. She is also fond of doing her workout doors like jogging,cycling and dancing.

For celebrities and Hollywood stars, it is not easy to get in shape especially in their busy schedule but they still managed to find time to get their body to work. Just like them, it is not impossible for you to achieve a gorgeous body. Make this celebrity fitness routines an inspiration and you can have an amazing body if you work hard enough and follow proper fitness training.