Health authorities have been making huge efforts in creating a campaign against-smoking. Many advocates have been calling smokers to quit smoking and “no smoking” fixtures have been posted in businesses, restaurants and even on transportations just to remind people to stop smoking. However, the rise of number of people smoking is still alarmingly high.

A lot of people are already aware of the harmful effects of smoking but people seem to ignore these harmful effects and still choose to smoke. Why is that so? Here are some common reasons why people are persuaded to smoke.

Parents Or Family Members Who Smoke

A certain person will be persuaded to smoke if the parents or a family member who smoke as well. Parents and family members set an example and younger members of the family will be more likely to smoke when they see someone in the family smoking. Teen or younger family members have that tendency to imitate what they see in their surroundings. When they see a family members smoke, it will send a signal to their brain that what a family member is doing is right.


Social Integration

Smoking is social habit. You will likely to start smoking when most people you knew are smoking. It sends a signal to the brain that you should do the same. Furthermore, it has become a bonding activity by other people although they know it could be bad for their health. It is easier for them to have a conversation with someone who is also a smoker. Many people start as a social smoker until eventually it becomes their addiction and it makes it harder for them quit smoking.


Peer Pressure


The fear of being an outcast is one of the reasons why people smoke. Peer pressure is one of the prime reasons why people are starting to smoke. Peer pressure usually happens with teens. When a teenager’s circle of friends starts in experimenting with smoking, it is too easy for a teen to lead to smoking as well. Wanting to belong is a part of teens life, they don’t want to be a figure of mockery once they refuse to smoke so they are push to try something even if they how bad it is for them.



Movies have a great effect on person’s outlook in life, especially to younger generations. No matter how you teach your child not to smoke if they see their movie heroes smoking, they can still be persuaded to smoke. Many studies have shown that movie heroes have a great influence to their watchers. If your child see a movie heroes smoking, he will more likely to smoke as well. Just like parents and family members, movie heroes can also act as a role model. Research also shows that 4 out of 10 smokers were influenced by heroes smoking in movies.

Smoking kills! That’s what almost all smokers know but they still ignore it. We can’t force anybody to quit smoking. We are all aware how hard it is for our love one to quit but by knowing the reasons why people smoke, we can find a way to keep someone away from the temptation of smoking.