Why am I not losing my belly fat? This is the most frequent question by many women and even man. They usually seek for the fastest and quickest solution to lose it but truth is that everyone has a belly fat. Even people with flat abs have a belly fat. And it is normal. What is not normal is when there is too much belly fat that it becomes a risk to your health.

When there is too much belly fat, you need to work out to get rid of excess fat. But have you ever experience working out too hard just to lose that belly fat and yet nothing happen? If yes, check out for the various reasons why your excess belly fat wouldn't go away.


Know What Fat To Get Rid Off

You want to shed off that belly fat but it is not as simple as cutting out all of your fats. Know what type of fats you are getting rid of. There are some fat that are good for the body, especially monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). MUFA's can actually help you in losing excess belly fat by helping you minimize eating poor-quality foods. Omega 3 is also a healthy fat that are essential to your body and you should not avoid.


You Are Fond Of Eating Chips And Fast Food

Pay attention to what you eat. If you are fond of eating fast foods and chips, it's time for you to quit. Carbs from chips and added sugar from sweetened drinks can cause spike in blood sugar that can trigger insulin. Insulin is a hormone that promote the liver to store fat in your belly


You're not sweating like you think you are

If you think you can lose belly fat by doing spot training then think again. Opt for high intensity exercise. It is known to be more effective at reducing insulin, cortisol and triglycerides. It also burns more calories in lesser time. Moreover, you need to exercise your whole body in order to boost your overall metabolism that would eventually make you lose excess belly fat.


You Don't Eat Bright Colored Produce

Put extra attention the kinds of food that you eat. It is recommended that you eat more vegetables and fruits that are brightly colored. Brightly colored fruits and vegetable are rich in Vitamin C and it reduces cortisol. Red, yellow and orange foods are known to in result smaller waist. Furthermore, you could also go for foods that are rich in fiber, protein and complex carbs.


You are sleep deprived

Sleeping is a big role player in your goal to lose belly fat. Lack of sleep can trigger hunger spike which can later on make you crave for more food throughout the day. Additionally, lack of sleep can cause lack of energy which is necessary for you to be able to do proper exercise and training. Remember that you need more energy reserves to do your high intensity interval training.


If you are one of those people who struggle to lose those belly fat of yours, you might want to take a look at the reasons why you can't lose your belly fat. You might know it but may one of the reasons above hinder you in achieving your goal.

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