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Creating a video campaign is not a new strategy to boost engagement. In fact, it has been there for such a long time but a lot of people fail to utilize this kind of strategy, probably because they don’t know how to use this strategy well.


Video campaign like Youtube or Vine is a good idea to boosting engagement but it can sometimes be a frustration, especially if you don’t know how to make it work effectively when somebody else did. There are no special ingredients or secret sauce in creating an effective video campaign. But there are things you need to consider.

Take a look on some of the essential tips you can make use of to create an effective video campaign.

Make A Difference

What makes your company, business or product different? This is the first question that you should answer first before you start creating a video. Find out the things that can make your business or product stand out and focus on it when you create your campaign. Don’t be blinded by what you see in other viral videos. You have to reinvent yourself and come up with something unique that will help people distinguish who you are.


Start With The End

The better way to jump start an effective video campaign is to start with the end especially if you are presenting a process? Why? Showing a positive result of a certain process is a good way to stir curiosity of your target audience. This will create a positive impression to audience that what you are presenting actually works or can provide them with benefits.


Create A Tag Line

Another important thing to remember in creating an effective video campaign is to create a catchy tagline or slogan. Create something that can serve as your brand identity or the one that can describe what you are promoting for. A good slogan or tagline is your memory device. This will serve as your tool to make people remember you.


Tell A Story

An effective video campaign must be able to tell a story. Your story is your message to your audience. Your story is your message and how you create it is important. An effective storytelling has 3 important elements; the setup/beginning, crisis and resolution. Tell your message with these 3 elements backward.


Be Precise But Creative

Another important thing to remember in creating a video is to make it precise but creative. Creative thinking is simply thinking outside the box. Remember that a video campaign don’t just tell a story, you are doing it to impress. Additionally, you have to create a video that doesn’t say too much yet it delivers a message clearly. Remember this; the more you say, the less your audience hears.


Just like in creating visually-appealing images, the basic rule in creating a video to boost engagement is to come up with something that will capture the attention of your target audience. Come up with an idea on how you can make your audience stick around for a longer period of time. You have to make them curious about what you are campaigning that will lead them to visit your website or buy your product. You don’t need complicated effects to provide an effective video campaign. All you need is to find the right combination of your imagination and creativity on how you convey your message.

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