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Coming up unique party ideas can be exhausting and it is even more frustrating when you want a party to be special yet it turned out to be just standard party. So why not ride a limousine and enjoy a unique and special limo party.


Everyone enjoy a limo ride, how much more if there is a party going on. A limo ride can add fun to any occasion. Take a look on some limo party ideas that can make a party fun and unforgettable.

Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party for a special friend for his or her birthday, hens or bachelor party or for any occasion. Of course, you have to let the guest know ahead to let them ride along with you to make the surprise even more special. You could invite a friend whom you are going to throw a party to your house but don't give him or her any information that a limo is going to pick you guys up.


Limousine Grand Entrance

You could also plan a limo party with grandeur and this includes a red carpet. This will add glamour to that special event. Let the guest of honor walk on the red carpet line from a limo to the entrance of a party. Too add spice to the event, hire a photographer to act as a paparazzi when the birthday guest arrive and you could even ask guests, family and friends to greet the birthday guest while cameras are flashing. This would make a truly glamorous event.


Arrange Multiple Stops

Although many guests would enjoy staying inside the limo all day, you can also arrange multiple stops to make the party more fun. Treat the guest of honor and the rest of the gang to a series of stops which can include pampering sessions in a spa and salon, a scavenger hunt in a mall, paintball adventures or concert. It is better to arrange your stops accordingly. Make the trip for spa, facial and other pampering sessions last to make the guest of honor, guests and yourself relaxed after a tiring but fun day.


Party Inside The Limo

Enjoy and maximize the experience of being in a limo by organizing a party inside the vehicle itself. Know the type of limo you need for the party. You can hire SUV limos which are more specious and often equipped with an entertainment features suited for a party like plasma TV, bars and neon lights. Or if you have too many guests a limo bus is preferable. You can set up an ice cream bar and let everyone enjoy their ice cream while having a movie marathon. Don't forget to provide utensils, napkins, ice cream toppings and nonalcoholic cocktails.


Organize An Unforgettable Dinner

A party will never be complete without having special dinner. Organize a special dinner for the guest of honor and the guests in a friend's house, your own house or in a local restaurant. You can make the dinner special by asking one of the staff to throw something special your friend. Don't worry local restaurants often have free services for special celebrations like birthdays.


A limo party is an affordable way to enjoy a party. You can call local luxury transportation company for their fleet and services and see what package can add glamour to the party.

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