Calories. They are the reason why you stock up some excess pounds. While you are trying to burn them, most of you fail. Yes, you want to burn as many calories as you can but your weight loss strategies might not work as you expected it to. But why is this so? Probably you metabolism is too slow to burn enough number of calories to make you lose some weight.

When it comes to losing weight, increasing your metabolism plays an important role. The faster your metabolism is the greater your chance to burn off those calories. There are some foods that can help give your metabolism a boost. Let’s check out some of them.

Dark Chocolate

Good news! Chocolate is a top metabolism-boosting and fat-fighting food. Look for dark chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa, the darker the better. It was found out in a particular study that a daily consumption of about one and half once of dark chocolate can reduce the stress hormone called cortisol which is linked to slow down metabolism. There is a particular compound in chocolate that is maybe responsible in reducing cortisol like caffeine and Theobromine.



Eggs are the best source of protein among all foods known. Also, eggs contains nine amino acids that helps in building muscle tissue that can increase your potential in burning calories that builds up fats. Start adding egg in your regular diet and expect that it will give your metabolism a boost. Moreover, eggs are not only rich in protein but also in Vitamin D which can be a great part of your healthy diet.



Drink at least two glasses of water in the morning and you will likely to decrease your calories consumption. It was found out in a study that those who consume two glasses of water before breakfast tend to consume fewer calories in their morning meal. It was also found out that people who drink at least eight glasses of water have higher rates of metabolism than those who consume less.



Pepper can do more than spicing up your food and adding presentation to your food preparation. Several studies show that the heat in chili pepper is a product of capsaicin. Capsaicin is the one responsible in the chemical process within the cell structures which can affect Triphospate (ATP) reactions that are involved in thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process where the body generates heat or energy which increases body temperature and metabolism.



Besides giving a body an energy-boost, coffee is also known to boost metabolism by approximately 10%. It was found out that the caffeine present in the coffee is the one responsible in giving metabolism a boost by reviving bodily function. However, to really give your metabolism a boost, it is recommended that you consume black coffee without sugar or cream.


Whole Grains

Whole grains are high in fiber. Fiber can easily fill up your stomach which only means that it can also be easily digested and eventually speed up your metabolism. Fiber can burn about 10% more calories than refined carbs like bread.


Boosting your metabolism doesn’t need to rely on exercise alone. Personal fitness training, watching what you eat and maintaining a proper diet you can boost your metabolism and burn more calories to achieve a healthy and fit body.