To the world, they are gorgeous, charming, elegant young men and women, who grace the covers of fashion magazines, walk prestigious runways, and attend A-list events. However, as with every job, come its own hazards. While some occupations are particularly dangerous in nature (like policemen, soldiers, welders, etc.), modeling has hidden risks.

Under all that glitter, makeup, and high heels are possibilities of broken ankles, deep cuts, burns, and hair loss. Here’s why.

Shoes and Clothing Dangers

Perhaps the most obvious risk to being a model is the different types of clothes and accessories they must wear.

Several of them are not only uncomfortable, they can make someone trip, stumble, and fall. High heels are the number one culprit. Through the years, runway models have sashayed and stumbled embarrassingly down the catwalk in sky high footwear. While most of these mishaps gained them nothing more than a bruise, others are not so lucky.


In 2011, then 17-year-old model Lindsey Wixson sprained her ankle after falling during Versace’s 2012 Spring Fashion Show in Milan. After the tumble, she flashed the audience a smile and two thumbs up to show she was okay. The model later posted on Twitter that she had sprained her ankle.

Another occupational hazard for these daring beauties is the very clothes they wear. Most of them are super tight; they prevent the models from moving well at all. It could get in their way should there be a sudden emergency during a show.


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Risks in Location


Supermodels have the privilege to travel to exotic locations for their photo shoots. However, it’s not all fun and games as they need to deal with the different props and elements used for their glam shots. Some models need to remain sensational for underwater shoots. Others have to stay perfectly still as they hold wild animals.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo shared that she once had a shoot with a cheetah. She was wearing a bikini when the animal started chewing on her bangle. One of the crew advised her not to look the cheetah in the eye. She obeyed and was able to flawlessly complete the shoot. If things went differently however, she might have gotten worse than a bite.


Dynamic Schedules Don’t Allow For Proper Healing

The beauty and fashion industry is nothing if not fast-paced. One minute the models are sporting gold rompers - before you know it, that fad is out and gladiator heels are back. They are constantly under a lot of pressure and stress. Aside from wearing unsafe accessories, they must work during unreasonable times: such as just weeks after their pregnancy or for months in a row.


Such schedules don’t give enough room to heal from previous injuries. If a runway model has bruised feet for example, and she has to walk down the catwalk in days, a makeup artist will simply cover up her injuries. This leads to models’ feet looking red, black, and blue after a row of fashion shows.


Runway models have a tough job just like everyone else. Their work requires them not only to be beautiful, but to be flexible, patient, and versatile. While the world sees only the stunning side of their careers, let us take the time to appreciate their hard work in bringing us the best of the fashion industry.