Twitter has become one of the most remarkable social media platforms which can be used for businesses. Just like other social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus, Twitter has made its way to be one of the top social media platforms that can be used for businesses. And unlike, the other two social media giants, Twitter is a lot easier to use and control.

Marketing in Twitter does not have to be complicated. In fact, Twitter marketing doesn’t require a lot of time. However, many people fail to effectively use Twitter for the good of their business. Perhaps the problem why many business owners cannot master marketing in Twitter is that because they are thinking too much on how the can leverage Twitter marketing. What they do not know is that this social media platform needs not to be complex. Oftentimes, the best way to market brands in Twitter is to get back to the basics.

Here are few basic tips on how you can market your brand in Twitter effectively.

Use Your Own Brand’s Voice

In marketing, the tone of your voice plays an important role. It is not what you say but how you say it. This works the same in Twitter marketing. The word you choose and the order of your post is important. You have to do your best to craft or create your own tweets and replies in a way that it also reflects your business personality.

Additionally,as you promote your brand, it is also best to convey a message with a value and not entirely for the agenda of making sales.


Create A List


Twitter list is the platform’s feature where you can organize people you are following and you can find new people. It may not be as popular as Facebook but Twitter list is as important as the Facebook groups. There are many uses of Twitter list. You can share your curated list to people who you think might be interested in your lists. With this you provide users value that will lead them to engage with you more. This also keeps you updated with the trending subjects and it gives you visibility to other users even if they are not following you.

Use Images And Videos


According to the 2014 statistics on Twitter marketing, tweets with images received 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites and a staggering 150 percent more retweets than those tweets without images. Basing on these numbers alone, we can conclude that visual contents are crucial for a successful Twitter marketing. This simply means that people are more interested in visual contents. So instead of exhausting Twitter’s 140 characters in your post, you should post content with short texts but with quality and persuading images and videos.

Favorite and Retweet


When you favorite and retweet content made by other people, it will give them an idea that you are a real person and you are unlike other businesses whose only purpose in Twitter is to promote brand. Your engagement with other users’tweets gives them the impression that you value them and this is also another way that you can increase your visibility.

Amidst the advancement and improvement in Twitter these days, it seems that the basic steps are still the effective ways in Twitter Marketing. Do not be overwhelmed by what’s new in Twitter or in digital marketing overall. You might end up doing the worst habits in marketing. Start with the basics and once you mastered then, you can then take your marketing to a higher level.